Charlotte Nissenbaum

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Charlotte offers Operations consulting to drive financial and operational improvements in small and medium sized companies. She has a logical approach to solving problems and streamlining processes to drive improve efficiencies. She enjoys working with people and has over twenty years experience working in small organizations as well as large multinational companies. She has a wide range of commercial experience having worked in Operations, Production, Marketing and Sales. Her skills include effective project management, problem solving, forecasting, inventory management, negotiation and production scheduling. Educational qualifications include an MBA (awarded with distinction) and a degree in Physics.

Charlotte primarily consults with small to medium sized companies working with owners and executives to build increased efficiencies within their company. Areas of expertise include:

  • Process review and process mapping, creation of new processes, staff training and implementation
  • Inventory management, forecasting and production scheduling processes
  • Financial analysis, costing analysis and pricing models to improve profitability
  • Internal Market Research to understand key issues and provide insight to drive priorities for change
  • Role framework analysis, review and development of organizational structure

Charlotte moved to Toronto in 1995 from the UK with her husband. She has a son and daughter who are both at University. She lives in the High Park area of Toronto and enjoys gardening and yoga.

"TRP has given me a network of great professionals, each with their own unique areas of expertise and insight. The group is friendly and welcoming and provides business insight on a range of relevant topics. I have received good referrals from members and been able to confidently recommend professionals to my clients, knowing that the my clients will benefit from their expertise and approach."

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