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How To Become a Member of Toronto Resource Partners

  • 1
    Be an Owner
  • 2
    5 Years Experience
  • 3
    Specific Profession
  • 4

Be an owner, commissioned salesperson, or have direct responsibility for directing business to and from the company and will stand to personally benefit financially by receiving a referral from one or more members of TRP.

Have a minimum of 5 years industry experience and a minimum of 5 years spent establishing a business and customer base, or have tenure in GTA.

Be in a specific profession that is distinctive from existing members to ensure no conflict of interest.

Have a reputation, skills, and ethics of the highest standing.

In Addition, the Individual Must Have


Attended at least 4 TRP meetings and had at least 4 one-on-one sessions with existing members.


Make a Guest Presentation to the group.


Delivered a CV and at least 2 outside business references, which have been verified by the Executive Committee.


Received an invitation by the Chair to join TRP, after satisfying all the aforementioned requirements.

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